When two are lonely


Choosing yourself over all around 

Is a task to fulfill, 



Wanting and excluding the present 

Of any other mind 


But still is it a burden

And joy in disappear,


One always half empty

Achieving the inner sanctification of the mind


One always half full

By staying in a safe cocoon behold to the blind.

About beauty


Pleasing the senses


By the privilege one is given

To mirror your soul

With kindness in heart

Following no guidelines.


Re-orientating your blindspot

In a world that had too much to see,

And blinded the senses to feel


How to discover the pearl

When ones shell is cracked and has nothing to appeal ?


We march and march

Step by step


We see that the outer world and

The inner me

Are one piece in a big sea.


Do we hear the voice of a lonely 

Soul scream?



Wandering excess, ghosting through continents,


Silent souls with so dear open hearts,

Drowning minds suffering under knowledge


Distractions growing like shadows in

The late sun,


History haunting the present 

as we seek the future,


Enjoyment and delight growing like dew

Over the early mornings


Blurring our minds, to feet

The passing time.